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WATERFORD BUILDING TEAM– "The True Art of Collaboration!"

Whether you are in need of a move-up family home or you are an empty nester focused on a home that unites the very latest in comfort and technology, Waterford can help you realize your dream in a highly collaborative process that’s conscientious, inventive and will reflect your goals and desires. Bob Wooldridge and John Lober are dedicated to innovative design, quality “Grand-Award-Winning” construction and focused on client satisfaction. They do not bring an agenda to the table; instead they strive to deliver the home each client envisions. This has given them a varied portfolio of work and keeps them from becoming stagnant in their homebuilding careers.

EXPERIENCE - With nearly one hundred years of combined building, architectural and engineering experience, and this multi-award-winning Waterford team truly knows how to capture the “oohs” and “ahhs” when prospective home purchasers walk through the doors. There is much more to home building than just the physical construction aspect. They also know and understand the new homebuilding market. A track record of responsiveness and engaged personal service, high-quality work with attention to detail, and full-service capabilities are combined to make this an outstanding team.

CREDIBILITY – Honored as the “Gold Recipient” in the 2003 and 2004 INGRAM’S MAGAZINE “Best of Business” contest, John Lober knows what it takes and consistently delivers Grand-award-winning homes throughout the northland. “As the demand for quality, energy-efficient homes continues to grow in the northland, I cannot afford to fall short of customer expectations. My reputation depends on it.” Consistently delivering high quality homes distinguishes Waterford from their competition along the 152 corridor.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – The Waterford Building Team has researched what it takes to ensure their homes convey the desired cozy appeal we’re all yearning for. It is a combination of thoughtful attention . . . to color, materials, and details, inside and out. Distinctive exterior color combinations, classic, cottage-styled cabinetry, solid surface kitchen and bathroom countertops and second-to-none, uniquely-designed trim and cabinetry packages convey the personal style Waterford stands for.

CREATIVITY – The exactness of the Waterford home plans and the strength of their form make these homes not just repetitions of old architectural style, but rather a development of something quite new and unique. Each plan combines a mix of finish materials and architectural detailing that captures the best of both beauty and functionality. Evoking a nostalgic affection for a bygone era of charming neighborhoods, these plans offer the “Wow!” everyone is looking for!

JOHN LOBER has achieved tremendous success as a homebuilder throughout the last 25+ years. While the exciting venture with Waterford is new, his history of quality building practices, dedication to customer satisfaction and integrity throughout the Kansas City metro are as fresh and important to him today. He maintains, “I’m excited to team with Bob Wooldridge to create a successful new home community coupled with outstanding customer experiences, one customer at a time.” Known for more than fine homebuilding, to John Lober, a life-long resident of Kansas City, his business is not just about building---it’s also about giving back to the KC community. He has been instrumental to the success of the Touched By Cancer Foundation by serving as the first BUILDING AWARENESS builder and is also an animal lover. Each of these two passions fulfill his dedication to the causes in which he believes and speaks volumes about his company’s operating philosophy and lends new meaning to the phrase “community builder.” When not working Lober enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid outdoorsman.

BOB WOOLDRIDGE has worked in the new home building industry for more than 25 years. Also the president of Beringer Homes, Inc., he loves what he does and you can tell. Wooldridge honed his excellent, creative design and construction skills while working face to face with his customers over the last 25 years. It’s so very rare to find a homebuilder who brings the same passion, exactitude and expertise to each home he constructs, year after year and, he, too, has garnered many “Grand Awards” to prove it. He based his career in the new homebuilding business on two goals: a desire to perfect homebuilding concepts and to provide excellence in client service. Bob has been awarded multiple honors for successfully differentiating himself in building practices and customer service. He understands the magic of his client’s dreams, and the hard work and tenacity you need in a builder, to deliver your perfect home. Bob, too, is a life-long resident of the northland. When he isn’t in the office or on the job site, you will most likely catch him coaching his children’s sporting activities or spending quality time with his family.

“It is our commitment to fulfill “The American Dream” in Waterford by working together to build lasting business and personal relationships while creatively designing, building and delivering homes with superior craftsmanship and timeless style.”

Bob Wooldridge & John Lober, CGB

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